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LAST·IT Marketing; The friendliest & easily the most affordable and dedicated MARKETING AGENCY you'll find! Trained in SEO Optimization, Lead Generation, Website Creation and Digital Business Solutions. We are based in Calgary Alberta but love helping clients throughout Canada and the United States.

In the simplest of form we help our client's businesses get business; also known as customers. Just wait until you see how we can help you achieve phenomenal success at a rate you only dreamed possible and completed at prices you won't believe. Our strategic platform is designed as a win win all around for our clients, you will have virtually no risk, we take it all!  You come first, we come second. If we're not performing then you don't pay - If you don't get paid then we don't get paid, simple. You have absolutely nothing to lose and can only succeed by using BLAST·IT Marketings platform. Simply put, this could change your life and will be the best ROI you have ever invested in!

It does not matter what you do for a living, what kind of business or company you own, we all have one thing in common, to simply survive. We survive in this world by financial gains, the more income you receive the easier it is to survive. It has been this way for centuries and will continue to be.

Now, how do you get this elusive income? Simple...From customers. You have or offer a product or service that helps people in some way. If your product or service solves a consumers problem or situation, they'll purchase it. Easy, right? Well, not so. According to our clients over 80% of them were struggling to get customers. Some were even struggling to get enough customers to basically scrape by. They have phenomenal products and services that consumers need but are not receiving or seeing the results they're hoping for. Why is this? Thats an easy one, they’re absolute masters at what ever it is they sell or offer but have no idea how to create an effective top ranking online presence.

Some will hopefully at least build a website, that's only step one though (and, if it is completed incorrectly it can cause more damage then good) now just because you have a website, doesn’t mean you’ll receive traffic to your website. Ranking a website for certain key words that describe your business is a very tricky compilation. It is constantly changing as the world wide web evolves. There are countless rules and regulations involved with properly and safely ranking any website. The techniques involved are there for a reason so only properly optimized websites rank.

Google is easily the number one search engine and Google is a business. Every time a consumer searches for anything online, Google, wants to make sure the “searcher” who is “their customer” receives the most relevant and useful information possible. It is for this reason, that Google, will rank the most relevant useful websites first or higher.

This is where we come in. Not only will we build you a beautiful new website, we’ll build you a strategically crafted optimized website that is keyword rich and Google friendly. We will continue to work on your website behind the scenes, massaging, re-wording and organizing your content to help Google index and rank it for as long as you are our clients. This is no easy feat. The work to rank and keep you ranking never ends. This has taken us years of schooling, research, trial and error to get as right as possible, and we're pretty darn good at it!

Lets connect today to discuss how BLAST·IT Marketing can set up your Marketing, SEO Optimization, Lead Generation, and Website!

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  • CLIENT Partnerships 100% 100%
  • LEAD Generation 100% 100%
  • WEBSITE Creation 100% 100%
  • GOAL Setting 100% 100%
  • SEO Optimization 100% 100%
  • SOCIAL Media 100% 100%
  • CONTENT Marketing 100% 100%
  • CREATIVE Solutions 100% 100%
  • STRATEGIC Planning 100% 100%
  • BUSINESS Solutions 100% 100%
  • EXPECT Extraordinary 100% 100%
  • DEDICATED To You! 100% 100%

CREATING A Future For Our Clients Business's

 Y OUR businesses success will change drastically with the  implementation of internet online strategies that exemplify industry best practices for user experiences. SEO, functionality, optimization and design are four core foundations. These crucial  fundamentals will create qualified converted traffic for you,  while  continually offering your customers and potential clients  a hub of resources that they can rely on and  trust to  deliver qualified answers to their inquiries.

"EVERY Visitor To Your Site Is A Potential Customer"

WE'RE Different

B LAST·IT Marketing is changing everything you have ever known regarding  Business Solutions, Website Creation, Lead Generation and SEO Services. We are about YOU, our partner client. Our work and creations are completed at a ridiculously lower rate then you will ever find or could ever imagine. Not only will you see a VERY significant savings with us, we will work out custom servicing plans dedicated to help you succeed. Our servicing plans are like no other you have seen. Our setup and strategy is completely different. We have taken what every other business solutions company does and charges and flipped it a complete180º. The time is now, for HONEST, TRUTHFUL, RELIABLE and DEDICATED online marketing services that work and, that are truly designed around you!

"You will not find a lower cost for the value you will receive from us"

Marketing Services Canada

WEBSITE Creation

WEBSITE Creation

W EBSITE Creation. One of our favorite things in the world. We love creating new websites for our clients. There is so much we can do to help you capture the brand, look and feel that you’re searching for. Simple to Extravagant. Modern to Traditional, Colorful to Black and White, whatever your desire, we can create the perfect website to capture your brands essence. When it comes to designing your site, prettier isn't always better and simple doesn't always work. We will spend the time creating the perfect combination to secure your digital ranking position. Our job is to not only build you an appealing website, but, to rank your site, we want to bring you quality customers that stay engaged, but, most importantly, to turn those visiting customers into converted customers. Website design is the first crucial step in establishing your brand, it must be appealing and memorable yet functional, it must serve a distinct purpose for your visitors.

Marketing Agency Calgary

CLIENT Partnerships

CLIENT Partners

C LIENT Partnerships. We are in business with you, our clients, we succeed when you succeed! We recognize that every business and client is different. Everyone has different goals, desires, dreams and budgets. We customize our pricing to help everyone of our clients succeed. If you don't succeed, then we don't succeed...simple. We only get paid if YOU get paid...simple! Our vision of helping others before we help ourselves has made us very successful and, our clients, are incredibly grateful and dedicated to us, because of our dedication, to our clients. You no longer have to dream about getting your website created, optimized, and set up with Search Engine Optimization. We will also be, continuously ranking, your site for as long as you are our clients. Gone are the days of ridiculous fees! Gone are the days that you have to pay even if you didn't make money! Gone are the days you have to pay to make simple adjustments to your site! Welcome to todays way of marketing, welcome, to BLAST·IT Marketing!

Marketing Agency

CREATIVE Solutions

CREATIVE Solutions

BLAST·IT Marketing are masters at creating, developing and packaging your business. From the ground up, we'll work with you to extract exactly what your vision is and bring it to creation. We do all the work to build your site in house, we do not hire this out to other countries as many others do. It will be loaded and implemented with the strategies needed to rank you as high as possible for your niche. The countless hours we'll spend behind the scenes optimizing and indexing your site occurs daily for the life you are our clients. We are constantly keeping your site up to date with all the latest white hat technics to keep you ranking as high as possible in all the search engines.

SEO Optimization Marketing

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

SEARCH Engine Optimization aka SEO is the process of increasing effectiveness of your website and its contents to "rank" higher "organically" or "earned" in search engine results. Optimizing your website to rank is not an easy task and can take years of knowledge to accomplish. There are a tremendous amount of factors revolving around SEO. Starting with strategic keyword placement and relevant content, that is socially engaging, which serves a purpose to the online consumer is one of the first factors Google looks for. Google wants to serve their customers the most qualified information available. Key rankings are also accomplished by domain age, social media activity or signals and inbound linking. There are legal and illegal also known as white hat and black hat SEO techniques to rank your website. We only use white hat or legal techniques with all of our clients. The process takes longer but the results can last the lifetime of your website and, you will always be perceived as safe with Google. SEO is a long term investment, when done correctly you will typically see results around the four to six month mark. It can easily take a full year or sometimes more of continuous monthly activity and improvements to get your site ranked on page 1. This is the marketers job and it is a priceless one. We spend countless hours throughout the month, dedicated to ensuring all our customers are getting the rankings they deserve. The marketers job with SEO is a never ending one and it takes true dedication, patience and an unbelievable amount of hours dedicated to the cause and we take it incredibly serious.

Marketing Agency Canada

LEAD Generation

LEAD Generation

L EAD Generation...This is our specialty and, why we are in this business! We LOVE sending our clients who have hired and put their trust into us new leads and customers. This is the entire process broken down to the final chapter. We spend months upon months building and optimizing your website, social media accounts and creating your brand. Nothing feels better to us when we see the request form come in or the phone rings requiring services for our clients, and, the best feeling, is when we send that lead to you, knowing, you received that customer from all the hard work we completed. What we do works and it works very well. We pour our passion into our careers and our clients. Pure passion is exactly what to expect from us, we will give you nothing less...If you're ready to see change in your business, if you're ready for progressive success, and, if you're ready to finally, see the results, and receive the revenue you've always dreamed of, then call us... lets do this!

"HELPING Clients Achieve Business Success Through Strategic Spheres Of Influence"

Digital Marketing Agency Calgary

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